RF Amplifier Design

Case Study 1: 210 MHz CDMA IF Amp

The following example is taken from an actual VHF IF amplifier designed for a CDMA cellular telephone. The cellular phone product that uses this circuit went to mass production in the late 1990's. More than 5 million units were produced and sold.

A brief description of the design task and step by step procedures for implementation using the LINC2 program are outlined below:

1. Design a VHF IF amplifier using an NPN bipolar RF transistor from NEC (represented by the two-port data file: N68819SL.S2P).

2. Stabilize the transistor at the design frequency (210 MHz) using shunt resistive loading at the collector.

3. Design for maximum available gain (MAG) with 50 ohm input and output terminations.

4. Synthesize the input and output matching networks using lumped components.

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