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Feedback and Customer Testimonials

What Customers are Saying about LINC2...

Well, I'm really enjoying LIN2. That is a great piece of software and at a great price! Very intuitive which translates to a short learning curve- and that's great! Documentation to way off the charts. Nice job there too.
; Camino, CA

The Linc2 Program Suite is just what we’ve been looking for in a RF design package. Great program and excellent technical support!
-Joseph; West Chester, OH

“I used your filter design program a few days ago for my consulting work and designed a few LPFs for 340 MHz and 678 MHz cut off frequencies. Design takes about 20 seconds and then about a minute to verify the closest standard values. Then components with obtained values were inserted into PCB (we already had it) and the VNA test showed excellent similarity with simulated plots. All the engineers in company were very impressed and asked me a lot about the program. Actually the whole current project was done with LINC2 and all the bench tests showed good accordance with the simulations.”
-Sam; Del Mar, CA

I bought your software almost three months ago and have not put it down since.  You did a great job!

-Cy; Los Angeles, CA

I received the package the day after you told me it would ship.  I have since been evaluating the examples as well as doing my own preliminary simulation work.  I still can't believe a simulation package as powerful as this one doesn't cost a bundle.
-Randy; Irvine, CA

This is exactly what I have been looking for.  I could not put down the manual, read the whole thing in one sitting.  Did some examples today and really feel good about the product and the documentation.”
-Steve; Bend Oregon

“I designed a BALUN based on hybrid.  I connected two hybrids back-to-back and used the optimization in LINC2 to get good frequency response from 2 to 6 GHz.  Results are very good and LINC2 did it fast and easy.  I am very excited about the LINC2 optimizer.”
-Sam; Carlsbad, California

Thanks for the great LINC2 Pro package... just completed two bandpass filter designs at 20MHz and 70MHz... results are on target with actual measured test data...”
-Dean; Kansas City, MO

“In between working with ADS and Ansoft Serenade at work, I have been using your great simulator at home.  LINC2 is definitely a wonderful program for the price!”
-Cotter; San Jose, California

“I Love the program.  It does exactly what I needed.  Thanks for your attentive response!  I appreciate all that you have done.”
-Tim; Savoy, Illinois

“I recently purchased the LINC2 and Filter Pro package, and I would like to thank you for your product.  LINC2 and Filter Pro are an amazing set of programs.  With just a few clicks of the mouse, the software produces a complex RF circuit that would otherwise be difficult to produce.  And with another click of the mouse, the circuit can be accurately simulated [characterized], saving HOURS of time on the test bench building up and testing the circuit.  Simply amazing!  ...Thank You!
-Frank, Lake Forest, CA

“Congratulations on your company.  I have been using LINC version 1.1.  I am amazed as to how well it runs in Windows 2000.”
-Walt; Berlin, Maryland

I have this [LINC2] software and it works very well.  For a RF Design Engineer on a budget, (and one that does consulting on the side), this is simply a "must have".
-Andrew; Bayville, New Jersey

A repeat customer writes: Last year I purchased LINC2 Pro Edition and Filter Pro.  I would like to upgrade both of these programs.  If you would please send me the upgrade price and your delivery options, it would be greatly appreciated.  Also, I would [like] to add, that your software has been very useful to me and I will recommend it to my fellow engineers.

-Eugene; Clermont, FL

Another message from a repeat customer: “Thank you for everything. You have a great product and exceptional customer service. I remember when I first bought the Linc2 program a couple of years ago. You were very helpful in providing assistance in getting me started with the program. Thanks again for everything.”
-Frank; Lake Forest, CA

Speaking of the Documentation...

…beautiful!! Well worth the price.  Thank you, Paul

-Paul, Dunbarton, NH

What Customers are Saying about Our Support...

We receive a lot of great positive feedback on our tech support, but this latest one sums it up quite nicely:

"Cool - excellent - thanks! --jw"
-John, Palo Alto, CA


LINC2 Pro [Applied Computational Sciences (ACS)] is a very affordable, but extremely powerful, alternative to the more expensive linear simulators.  LINC2 Pro not only supplies the standard graphing, simulation, and optimization abilities of much higher priced packages, but also possesses circuit synthesis capabilities for generating automatic lumped and distributed matching networks, single-ended and differential attenuator pads of any input/output impedance, microstrip transmission lines, baluns, and couplers.  Additionally, there are LINC2 synthesis tools available that will automatically design lumped and distributed filters, as well as single and multistage linear amplifiers.  Indeed, LINC2’s LNA design module is the most powerful synthesis tool for RF amplifiers available within any software at any price.  Another impressive feature is the fully automated exporting of all LINC2 Pro circuit schematics directly into AWR’s Microwave Office, as well as automatic export of all LINC2 Pro distributed filter designs straight into Sonnet EM software.  And, incredibly, LINC2 also comes with free lifetime technical support.  (This support, which must normally be paid yearly, can become a significant cost with virtually every other RF simulator software).

-From Complete Wireless Design (2nd Edition), by Cotter W. Sayre, July 2008, page 544.

Complete Wireless Design (2nd Edition), by Cotter W. Sayre

“This cost-effective program offers all of the features of high-end design tools, with the added benefit of unique amplifier noise and gain trade-off tracking capabilities.  The LINC2 package combines a suite of RF analysis tools with a powerful RF and microwave circuit simulator.”
-Alan “Pete” Conrad, Special Projects Editor for Microwaves & RF magazine, December 1999

“With the company’s upgraded version of the LINC2 Pro circuit simulator, users can now access full-featured simulation capability and schematic-capture capabilities for about the price of a typical spreadsheet program.  Operators can click on the “Analyze” button directly from the software’s schematic-entry page in order to generate simulation data, and then click on the “View” button to see the results.  The software is that easy to use.”
-Alan “Pete” Conrad, Special Projects Editor for Microwaves & RF magazine, December 2000

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